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Review of Huwie Meets the Red fox by Mary Esther Judy Fallen Stars

I am absolutely delighted with this wonderful review by Mary Esther Judy of Fallen Stars which you can check out here I really love this part of the review which truly explains why I changed my style a little for this book and Huwie the Appletree, where I used stickboys in the illustrations. I had been asked many times over the past years to publish a book with less colour for children who had difficulty with this. I got the idea to use only minimalist illustrations and stickboys and this is what Mary Esther Judy said:

I must talk about Huwie himself. When we first met him in Huwie the Apple Tree, I admit I was taken aback by his appearance as a matchstick boy; being used to Dolores’ free-following, illustrative imagery in her other books. I expected Huwie to appear in more “person” form. But…this is perfect. First of all, that he doesn’t have all the detailed features doesn’t distract from the natural world around; the fields, trees, flowers. Also, the reader gets the feeling that Huwie could look like anyone; could in fact be anyone…you or me, someone we know or have met. And this sense of Huwie as an “everyman” (or “everychild” if you like) kind of character adds much to the story. It invites the reader to enter into his world, which is our world, and really be there. And, of course, that’s what we really want in a book.

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