Dolores Keaveney, Illustrator, Children's Book Author, Artist


Just 6 children turned up but they were all so interested and they just loved the ‘Little Brown Hen’.. had great fun discussing- i.e. how did the story begin; when did it begin; how did ‘Jenny’ feel and did they think it may a difference when she met Sylvester!

Conor (8) ‘ I loved the story so much I read it more than 10 times). Jill (7) ‘Jenny was happy when she had her own’s nice to have a family’

2 of them particularly talked about the lovely pictures. I was really impressed and they were very articulate. I have a very good feeling about this event and a huge big thank you to you for kicking it off.

If I were a Bee is next book- so just talked about the ‘honey’ bee and the importance of bees and insects and read just a few lines.

Afterwards we talked about other books and what they liked to read/had read. Time flew by so yes indeed a very good morning indeed.

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