Dolores Keaveney, Illustrator, Children's Book Author, Artist


This is the second of Dolores’ books that I am reviewing as I enjoyed the first – If I were a Bee – so much. This is another example of a great beekeeping Recipes using Honeybook for children but comes from a slightly different angle; cooking.

I have always believed that Children will be far more likely to enjoy food if they take part in the growing of vegetables and fruit and this remains true here in this book. It really will teach children about honey and its many uses in cooking.

This book looks as fantastic as Dolores’ other books which are illustrated by herself. They are bright and colourful which means they are really attractive to read through. What I really like about this book though is that it is so personal. Dolores dedicates the book to her Grandchildren and promptly names all the recipe’s after them like the delicious sounding Will’s Beelicious Blueberry Pancakes – oh my life, I cannot wait to make these!

It is also lovely to see that Ellie, one of her grandchildren, has actually hand written some of these recipes which are then reproduced in the book. A really nice touch.

Should you like the book, you can purchase it through our store on here for £7 with 10% of all proceeds going towards our two selected beekeeping charities Bees Abroad and Bees for Development who do sterling work for beekeepers in Africa.

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