Dolores Keaveney, Illustrator, Children's Book Author, Artist


Read my books in Gealscoile Coillin, Mullingar, Kinnegad NS, Castlejordan NS St.Brigids, Singland, Limerick. I had a fantastic time in all the schools and the children were just amazing. They were very attentive and courteous and participated by asking lots of questions.

St. Brigids Singland, Limerick made a fantastic effort for my visit. They planted a garden with the same flowers that are in my book if I were a bee… in the shape of a honeycomb. They took me on a tour and it was just wonderful to see the interest they took and they took great delight in pointing out all the flowers and they could name each and every one of them. I was honoured. Testimonial

‘Dolores and her bee puppet buzzed around the classroom to the delight of the children, filling their minds with knowledge of insects and flowers in their immediate environment in a meaningful and imaginative way.’

funding from LEO