Dolores Keaveney, Illustrator, Children's Book Author, Artist

If I Were A Bee




Told in a rhythmic and repetitive rhyme, If I Were A Bee takes us on a journey through all the possible activities of a honeybee making its’ way across garden, field and meadow. The text is wonderful, but what really makes this book is the brilliant, lively illustrations which tells the story on their own. Younger children can be seen pouring over the pages again and again, each time noticing something new. If I Were A Bee is clearly a labour of love and a pure joy. As reviewed by FALLEN STAR STORIES.

My young son Robbie loved the book and followed the bee trail with his finger. The poems are lovely and educational with lots of colour on each page”. BENJI BENNETT Award Winning Author of “Before You Sleep”.

“It is bright, colourful and cheerful”. KENNY’S BOOKSHOP GALWAY.

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