Dolores Keaveney, Illustrator, Children's Book Author, Artist


Well here we are in January 2019.   How the time flies.     After a very busy end to 2018 I had decided to take a break for 2019 but that did not happen.

I have decided to illustrate a new book called The Little Sunflower Seed which I hope to publish this year.   I have the text written a few years now so that I am in the process of is illustrating it with watercolours.      I have spent every day for the last three weeks in my Studio painting.      I am excited about this book as it is all about a tiny sunflower seed that Granny gave a chance to and along with her grandsons they potted it in her greenhouse and guess what it grew to be the tallest of all the sunflowers.   Check out some of my illustrations here…..


So work goes on….now to scan all of the images into my computer and then the task of designing the book firstly on photoshop and then my amazing Graphic Designer Gary Kelly will  create his magic and it will be ready for the printers.   I will keep you posted.

funding from LEO