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Dolores Keaveney – Children’s Author & Illustrator

I recently received the most beautiful parcel of children’s books from Irish children’s author and illustrator, Dolores Keaveney and over the past few weeks myself and Luca (my little boy) have been enjoying the stories and illustrations. 
Dolores has been painting with watercolours for over 40 years and over the past few years has published a series of cheerful and vibrant children’s books – all of which have a familiar, comforting and sentimental tone. Her artistic experience shows, the books are beautiful. 
Dolores’ latest picture book, Dee the Bee, is due for release on September 1st and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

The love and detail that has been placed on the creation of Dolores’ books is clear. Each page is brimming with illustrations intricate in detail and swimming in warmth of colour. Luca loves bees, so our favourite to date has been If I were a bee, a beautiful picture book full of rhymes and repetition – a perfect invite for emergent readers. The illustrations themselves offer so much scope for discussion and exploration. 

Another little gem, is Beelicious, a cookery book packed with recipes containing honey. All written with accessible language for young readers, the recipes also contain lovely learning opportunities with facts carefully nestled amongst many of the pages! (We teachers, often talk about needing greater balance on our class library shelves, don’t forget cook books and recipe books are important for teaching procedural language!)

I couldn’t recommend Dolores’ books without speaking about Dilly The Camper and The Magic Fairy Garden. A short novel, featuring a grandad, grandchildren, a very special camper van and good sprinkling of magic too. Asides from a tale of magic and fairies, one of the most special things about the text is that is illustrated by Dolores’ grandchildren. A great way to show children how they too can become authors and illustrators!

This isn’t a paid or sponsored post, just a genuine recommendation for some beautiful story books that would find a lovely spot and invite lots of repeated reads in your libraries both at school and at home. 
To order some of the texts or learn more about Dolores and her work, see

What a great testimonial by Clara….I really appreciate this.

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