Dolores Keaveney, Illustrator, Children's Book Author, Artist

Got this amazing review from Babbleabout Books.

If I were a bee…. written and illustrated by Dolores Keaveney Follow the journey of a bee as it dances on bright, yellow sunflowers, drinks nectar from smiling, red poppies and buzzes round gardens full of pretty, pink foxgloves. A gentle, rhyming text perfectly accompanies vibrant and colourful illustrations of flowers and meadows, apples and trees. You really sense the delight of the bee on its journey and we are reminded that we must work together with the natural world to protect it for all future inhabitants – including bees! Age 1+

Jenny the little brown hen written and illustrated by Dolores Keaveney This is a simple and very charming story of a little brown hen who lives and potters about each day at the bottom of Sean and Kathleen’s garden. She seems to have everything a little hen could possibly wish for – lots of space to run around in, beautiful flowers and trees to admire, seeds and grass to eat and lots of visitors to chat with – a little robin, a busy bee and Ellie and Greg, two little children who call on her often. But Jenny is lonely. Then, Sylvester the Rooster comes to stay and Jenny’s life changes forever. Age 1+

Dolores Keaveney is an artist/painter who has been inspired to write and illustrate children’s books since becoming a grandmother to her “four beautiful grandchildren”. And with great determination Dolores has self-published her books. If I were a bee… was launched in May 2009 and is well into its second print run already. Jenny the little brown hen soon followed in August 2010 and it too has been very successful which is not surprising given the beauty of Dolores’ paintings. Visit her website to purchase prints and to download a colour-me-in picture from If I were a bee….

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