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DEE THE BEE IS A VIP – said Mary Esther Judy

Celebrate the bees with Dolores Keaveney

I am so happy to have this wonderful review by the best woman in the business to give reviews. Her reviews are wonderful and very sought after and it is great to read that she likes my book. Check out the link to read all about Dee the Bee.

August 07, 2020

Dolores loves bees! She had been learning and researching bees and became inspired to write a picture book to share her knowledge and information with children to aid their understanding and appreciation of these marvelous little creatures that do so much for life on planet Earth. So 12 years ago, her picture book journey began with a wonderful book called “If I Were A Bee.” Since that time, she has published 12 more childrens’ books (one with some storytelling help by her grandchildren), all with her beautiful, instantly recognisable painterly illustrations. And now, we are back to the bees with her latest…Dee the Bee.

Dee the Bee

author/illustrator: Dolores Keaveney

Starfish Bay Childrens Books (1 September 2020)

ISBN: 9781760360962

Do you know what you would do if you were a bee? One bee; Dee the Bee is very busy! It’s her job to pollinate all the fruits and vegetables she can  possibly find, flying from plant to plant, garden to garden, tree to tree. Pollination isn’t a simple task. It’s very tiring, so that everyone will have food to eat. And it’s very, very important. But work can be play for Dee the Bee. There’s always time to stop and smell the flowers. (They need pollinating, too!) Dee the Bee is a VIP! 

A joyous, heartfelt journey, this book is an absolute celebration of bees! It’s gentle rhyming text guides young readers as Dee the Bee bobs and weaves across the garden, tending fruits and vegetables and visiting the flowers; helping them along so we all have delicious food to eat. The free illustration style  direct a path through the book, with each page standing out as if it were a painting of its’ own; all flowing together nicely by the trail of Dee the Bee. Our little bee-friends’ happy, busy personality shines, creating an instant appreciation and understanding of the important relationship between bees and the human world (and alleviating fears that some children have developed.) As if this weren’t enough, there is a wonderful, clear explanation of pollination as it happens and a page of important flowers to plant that will welcome and support the bees in your garden. Vibrant, fascinating, wondrous  and simply beautiful, you’ll love Dee the Bee!

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Irish author/illustrator/artist/designer Dolores Keaveney is well-known for her vivid, fun picture books depicting widely varied life in the Irish garden and landscape. Painting for the better part of 40 years, Dolores’ style is vibrant, loose and always uplifting. Her inspiration for her work comes from her grandchildren with their enthusiasm and imagination, the garden and fields surrounding her and of course, the bees. 

I have been privileged to know Dolores since the beginning of her publishing journey. She always astounds me with her energy, enthusiasm and fun, accessible nature as she meets the children on school and bookshop visits, heads off to different festivals and develops new, exciting books and projects. Her art/design work is also available in a wide range of gorgeous textiles, as she’s joined with Pixalilli, a textile printing and design studio in co. Donegal. 

If you want to find out more about Dolores Keaveney, all her beautiful books, or pre-order Dee the Bee (or any of them, for that matter) follow the link to her website:

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