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cover of The Adventures of Hungry the chick
Dilly The Camper & The Magic Fairy Garden
Price: €9.99
cover of The Adventures of Hungry the chick
Duchess & Valkyrie, Two Little Cats
Price: €9.99 + Shipping
cover of The Adventures of Hungry the chick
The Hills Speak
Price: €25 + Shipping
cover of The Adventures of Hungry the chick
The Adventures of Hungry the chick
Price: €9.99
ISBN 9780957191761
cover of The Scary Spider
The Scary Spider
Price: €9.99

Out of Print

ISBN 9780957191754
cover of The Adventure of Jenny, Sylvester and their Six Little Chicks
The Adventures of Jenny, Sylvester and their Six Little Chicks
Price: €9.99
ISBN 97809571917-3-0
Book Cover: Meet the fairies in my backyard
Meet The Fairies in my backyard
Price: €9.99

Out of Print

ISBN 9780951917-2-3
If I were a bee - Book cover
Beelicious Recipes with Honey
Price: €9.99
ISBN: 978-0-9571917-0-9
If I were a bee - Book cover
If I were a bee
Price: €9.99
ISBN: 978-0-9562616-2-5
Jenny the Hen - Book cover
Jenny the Little Brown Hen
Price: €9.99

Out of Print

ISBN: 978-0-9562616-1-8
Earth Angels Are Everywhere... - Book cover
Earth Angels Are Everywhere
Price: €10.00
ISBN: 978-0-9562616-4-9
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Top Banner Art - Dolores Keaveney  


Here's two new picturebooks from the very busy Dolores Keaveney...

author/illustrator: Dolores Keaveney
Dbee Press
Every young child loves fairies. In this vibrant new picture book, we turn to the back garden to meet an array of them. A modern 'Flower Fairies', there a quite a few all around us, hovering in among the poppies, foxgloves, the lily pond and the herb patch. We'll find them anytime of time and everywhere we look! Written in clear and straight-forward rhyme, we are taken on a delightful foray that encourages exploration of the outside world and appreciation of everything in view, made easy to remember by the fairy association with each plant and backyard locale. The illustrations are bright and painterly, an absolute joy on each page. A simply wonderful picturebook for all that says "Get outside! You never know who'll you'll find there!"

THE ADVENTURES OF JENNY AND SYLVESTER....and their six little chicks
author/illustrator: Dolores Keaveney
Dbee Press
Remember Jenny, the lonely little brown hen? Back to the farm we go in this charming update. Well, of course we know she isn't lonely any more, since she met Sylvester and hatched six lively chicks. But sometimes Jenny wonders what's beyond their hen house... sometimes, she just wants an adventure. So one day, off the cheeky chicken family go into the great wide world to see what they can see.  With Keaveney's trademark vivid and delectable illustration style, she weaves a warm and wonderful story that speaks of exploration, discovery and coming home, this is sure to be a favourite that children will want to hear over and over again, as they spend hours pondering over the pages. I love it!b


Illustrated with vibrant pictures bursting with colour,  Dolores Keaveney spins a sensitive story of lazy hens and Summer days, great adventures,  and the warmth of home.  Be warned!  This is the kind of story that children will want read to them again, and again and again…"


cover of The Adventure of Jenny%2C Sylvester and their Six Little Chicks






This is a lovely recommendation from Grainne Clear RTEjr.


Meet the Fairies in My Back Yard educates young readers on the many types of plants and flowers in their garden, as well as the beautiful fairy folk who live amongst their leaves. Its bright illustrations and rhyming text will make it appealing to any young reader, but it will be especially well received by children with an interest in the natural or magical world.

Grainne Clear RTEjr Little Pages


Book Cover%3A Meet the fairies in my backyard



A couple of months ago I was very kindly sent some books by Westmeath author Dolores Keaveney. I was already familiar with Dolores's books as we had taken them on loan, on a couple of occasions, from the library. It initially was Fionn who was attracted to the look of the books, as they are so vibrant in colour but also contain the beautiful illustrated paintings which are familiar scenes of hens, bees and gardens. Dolores is one talented lady as she not only writes the stories but also illustrates each book. She currently has written one spiritual book and four children's picture books including her latest book Beelicious -Recipes with Honey, which is a cookbook for children. The beautiful part to this cookbook is the involvement of Dolores's family, especially her young granddaughter Ellie, who helped devise the recipes. Again this book, no different from the others, is beautifully illustrated and as an added bonus, throughout the book there are interesting facts about bees and honey. A few evenings ago Tiarnan and I made Ellie's Flapjacks from Beelicious and they really worked out a treat. This little cookbook has some real gems of recipes and ones that are especially tailored for the younger cooks in the house.

Ellie's Flapjacks

250g / 10oz butter
100g/ 4 oz soft brown sugar
30 mls honey
20mls golden syrup
350g/ 14 oz porridge oats

1. Preheat the oven to 180 C/ 350 F/ gas 4. Grease a baking tray.
2. In a medium sized saucepan add all the ingredients, apart from the porridge oats, and slowly melt stirring regularly.
3. Take from the heat and stir in the oats.  Turn into the prepared tin and with a wooden spoon press down well.
4. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 -25 minutes. Cool, in the tin, on a wire rack.

Wonderful review from Mary Esther Judy, Bookbuyer Dubray Bookshop Galway ...from Fallen Star Blog....

Beelicious Recipes With Honey... out now!

Due to be launched this Sunday (22nd April) and out in your favourite bookshops NOW; a great new cookery book for young children by author Dolores Keaveney (If I Were a Bee and Jenny, the Little Brown Hen) from Mullingar. I was privileged to receive a preview copy and have an early look at Beelicious Recipes With Honey. It's simply delightful in every way, and very useful both to help develop an active interest in healthy eating (and cooking!) in children and in teaching children of all ages about that wonderful, productive and incredibly necessary insect friend; the honeybee. I thoroughly recommend this lovely new cookery book for children... every household should have one!
Here's my review:

"There’s no doubt about it. Children love to cook. This beautiful new cookery book is just the thing to introduce cooking into their lives. Colourful and joyful illustrations take the whole family on a journey through the kitchen with simple, clear recipes for scones, pancakes, cakes and smoothies that even the youngest can make and enjoy. All made with honey! This book isn’t only a ‘how-to’, though. It is chocked full of interesting information about one of our worlds’ most valuable creatures; the honey bee.  We’ve tried a few of them here at home and I’ve got to tell you, the results are satisfying and delicious!
Easy to make, even easier to eat, bright and happy; Beelicious: Recipes With Honey is more than a welcome addition to your cookery book collection. It’s a book that will generate an active interest in nutrition and environment and will promote family togetherness."
And here's the link for Dolores' own website where you can learn more about Dolores, her artwork, her books.... everything you need to know!

Testimonial from Siobhan Parkinson Childrens Laureate

Scéilín gleoite do leanaí óga


Siobhán Parkinson

Laureate na nÓg

Publisher, Little Island





Spiorad gliondrach sa scéilín gleoite seo, le híomhánna mealltacha agus ábhar dóchasach, dearfach – grá gan srian don nádúr soiléir i ngach léaráid.    

Manchán Magan, údar, láithreoir TG4 


A delightful quirky tale with alluring images and an infectious positive tone - each page infused with an overwhelming love of nature. 

Manchán Magan, author, travel documentary-maker 








Many thanks for your wonderful sessions today. We are still talking about it here. I truly enjoyed them as did the children, we have just had two of them back in to change their library books with their Mam. Jenny the hen is being stamped out for them to bring home at this moment. Their Mam said they talked about nothing else since she picked them up from school!!! 

They want to know will you be here next Thursday again!!!! 

It was a real pleasure to meet you and I have no doubt we will see you again. Best of luck tomorrow and looking forward to seeing you on Nationwide.  


Best regards 





Testimonial from Mullingar Library 2011 





Thank you so much for giving us here in the Library the opportunity to help launch you newly translated book. We were really delighted to be involved and we loved working with you.

You made the experience a pleasure :) 

On the day we had great fun and judging from the photos so did everyone else :)It was easy for us here in the Library to get behind this event because like so many Librarians around the country we just think your books are something very special and visually so beautiful.

I believe they are going to take you on a fantastic journey and I think I speak for everyone when I say that I can not wait for the next one :)

I have sent you on all of John's pictures and pdf of photos that Dearbhla put together for us :)



Thanking you for your   kindness and patience, Wishing you all the best,






Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job here last week with the children from local primary schools. We got excellent feedback from teachers and I could see myself how you involved the children and held their total attention. It has generated a lot of interest in your books and we are very grateful to you for spending the day with us.
Kind regards
Mary CarletonReynolds
Longford County Librarian






I intend using your original email to Dubray as an example of how to approach a retailer at a self-publishing conference this coming weekend - is this okay?

Basically, because you spelt out what you'd done so far, could direct me to your website for further info, and had obviously supplied all bibliographical details to Nielsen, resulting in being on Amazon - these all made me feel inclined to help you get in touch with Argosy. 6 out of 8 Dubray shops now stock both your books (we still leave the buying decision to the local managers) and while this doesn't necessarily amount to much it does show that tiny steps do sometimes happen. 

I do realize it's a long hard slog getting your book out there and hope you agree to my using your approach as a good example.

Best regards,











 So I opened Jenny the Little Brown Hen instead, and turned the pages slowly and smiled at all the lovely images, as I dozed by the open fire and dreamed of a thousand hens....................








  Can I congratulate you on your fantastic book.  It is so beautiful, the illustrations are fab, the story is simple and lovely, I am just crazy about it, as is Liam.  You shall HAVE to do a session in the library soon,


 Lorna Farrell Library AssistanT Moate Library







  The bee on the cover attracted my attention and kept my interest throughout the entire book.  With each turn of the page, I found myself in an amazing garden of dreams and wishes.  A delightful experience to share with family and friends.

Janice Creer  (Utha, USA)


 "If I were a bee" is the perfect book to ignite a young child's imagination. This delightful book bursts from each page with Dolores's vibrant illustartions and the prose meanders across each page like the lazy, pollen-laden flight of a honeybee. It has a serious side too - native bees are dying out and this is a potential disaster for our planet and our delicate eco-system. The wonderful illustrations of sunflowers, foxgloves, and poppies are an inspiration to create the wild flower gardens that bees love and thrive on. As we read this book to our children and grandchildren we can remind them, and ourselves how important it is to look after our bees. 


  Mai Newe - Learning & Development Consultant & Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist




 "Well done on your book it is a great achievement. My son Robbie 3 next month loved it and followed the bee trail with his finger and the poems are lovely, educational and with lots of colour on each page. Well done again".

Benji Bennett



"It is bright, colourful and cheerful".

Desi Kenny - Kennys Bookshop






"Congratulations on your first publication. My nephew Matthew (6 years old) was thrilled with the story of the bee and fascinated by the colours. His mother was very impressed too since she is an art teacher. I also gave a copy to my grand daughter Eadaoin. She is just eight months now. Deirdre reads it to her. She loves her bedtime story. Looking forward to your next publications Dolores".

Catherine Carroll




  "I think the website is great, as is the book. Your illustrations are beautiful. Cormac loved the book too and was so excited reading it. He thought the pictures were beautiful. It really is such a beautiful book".

Catherine, Terry and Cormac






































































































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