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cover of The Adventures of Hungry the chick
Dilly The Camper & The Magic Fairy Garden
Price: €9.99
cover of The Adventures of Hungry the chick
Duchess & Valkyrie, Two Little Cats
Price: €9.99 + Shipping
cover of The Adventures of Hungry the chick
The Hills Speak
Price: €25 + Shipping
cover of The Adventures of Hungry the chick
The Adventures of Hungry the chick
Price: €9.99
ISBN 9780957191761
cover of The Scary Spider
The Scary Spider
Price: €9.99

Out of Print

ISBN 9780957191754
cover of The Adventure of Jenny, Sylvester and their Six Little Chicks
The Adventures of Jenny, Sylvester and their Six Little Chicks
Price: €9.99
ISBN 97809571917-3-0
Book Cover: Meet the fairies in my backyard
Meet The Fairies in my backyard
Price: €9.99

Out of Print

ISBN 9780951917-2-3
If I were a bee - Book cover
Beelicious Recipes with Honey
Price: €9.99
ISBN: 978-0-9571917-0-9
If I were a bee - Book cover
If I were a bee
Price: €9.99
ISBN: 978-0-9562616-2-5
Jenny the Hen - Book cover
Jenny the Little Brown Hen
Price: €9.99

Out of Print

ISBN: 978-0-9562616-1-8
Earth Angels Are Everywhere... - Book cover
Earth Angels Are Everywhere
Price: €10.00
ISBN: 978-0-9562616-4-9
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Top Banner Art - Dolores Keaveney
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When Grandad John gets a broken down camper from his friend Digger he does not realise the magic that lies within it.  Only his grandchildren know.

An adventure to find the Eternal Eye quartz crystal which has been stolen by the fierce Nogard  from the Magic Fairy Garden promises a meeting with magic, fairies, amazing animals and much more.....

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This  is a true story about two little cats. When Grandad John paid a visit to his daughter he did not know what trouble lay ahead in the guise of two little cats called Duchess and Valkyrie.  But they melted his heart.

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This is a Hardback book for adults with 136 pages fully illustrated in watercolour. 

A book like no other... 20 small hills in the Midlands and surrounding counties with a treasure full of history and mystery, climbed by my husband John and myself. John wrote the history and mystery.  I illustrated it in watercolours throught.   What an amazing adventure to some wonderful hills.




This is the story of Hungry the chick. He lived in the hen run with Jenny,Sylvester, Dreamy, Cutie, Chirpy, Sweetie and Cheeky. Hungry was an adventurous chick who always needed more food, so he decided to go foraging.    This was not a good idea..

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A true story about a scary spider who came to visit me one day.  I thought she would stay forever but she didn't.   It turned out she wasn't so scary after all.

Colourful enjoyable and not so scary  - Alison Syron, age 8.

The Scary Spider is one of those books that will be read over and over. Joyful, beautiful and utterly delightful and one I'll be sharing with the little people in my world...

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Illustrated with vibrant pictures bursting with colour,  Dolores Keaveney spins a sensitive story of lazy hens and Summer days, great adventures,  and the warmth of home.  Be warned!  This is the kind of story that children will want read to them again, and again and again…" Patricia Forde Children’s Author

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Meet the Fairies in My Back Yard educates young readers on the many types of plants and flowers in their garden, as well as the beautiful fairy folk who live amongst their leaves. Its bright illustrations and rhyming text will make it appealing to any young reader, but it will be especially well received by children with an interest in the natural or magical world.......Grainne Clear RTEjr Little Pages




 Easy to make, even easier to eat, bright and happy; Beelicious recipes with Honey is more than a welcome addition to your cookery book collection. It’s a book that will generate an active interest in nutrition and environment and will promote family togetherness.Mary Esther Judy, Fallen Star Stories, Children’s Book Buyer, Dubray Books. 

This wonderful book of Art and Cooking is sure to “Beecome” a favourite for “Beezy” little hands. It will “Bee” and encouragement for these hands to get cooking using honey, one of life’s great natural ingredients.  This book will “Bee” a keepsake to treasure.Ann Hamill Casa Lara Cooking School, Italy

 Mouth-watering recipes and cheerful, colourful illustrations. A treasure of delicacies to delight not just children, but any age. Definitely a book for keeps!Mary Arrigan Award Winning Author

Now available on Amazon Kindle click here


Told in a rhythmic and repetitive rhyme, If I Were A Bee takes us on a journey through all the possible activities of a honeybee making its’ way across garden, field and meadow. The text is wonderful, but what really makes this book is the brilliant, lively illustrations which tells the story on their own. Younger children can be seen pouring over the pages again and again, each time noticing something new. If I Were A Bee is clearly a labour of love and a pure joy. As reviewed by FALLEN STAR STORIES.

My young son Robbie loved the book and followed the bee trail with his finger. The poems are lovely and educational with lots of colour on each page". BENJI BENNETT Award Winning Author of "Before You Sleep"

"It is bright, colourful and cheerful". KENNY'S BOOKSHOP GALWAY.

Now available on Amazon Kindle click here


JENNY THE LITTLE BROWN HEN   OUT OF PRINT but available to download on kindle

Another gift from Dolores Keaveney is the wonderful picture book , Jenny the Little Brown Hen. Jenny lives in the farmyard and she has friends, but no one who is like her. Jenny is lonely until a striking and elegant rooster moves in. And before too long, they have six lively baby chicks to keep them company. Jenny will never be lonely again! The illustrations are rich, contemporary and textural, and perfectly accentuate this story about friendship, loneliness and happiness. This absolute delight of a book has also been translated into the Irish language, ‘Jenny, an Cearc Bheag Dhonn.’  As reviewed by FALLEN STAR STORIES.

A delightful quirky tale with alluring images and an infectious positive tone - each page infused with an overwhelming love of nature". MANCHAN MAGAN, author, travel documentary-maker.



 The book looks at the small kind acts of everyday life and the thoughtful moments that make a difference. It highlights man's humanity to man and poses the question. Do you make a difference?

A precentage of the proceeds of this book will go to Plan Ireland, a Children's Charity whose Patron is John Hume. I am a long time sponsor with Plan Ireland and if you purchase this book you will be helping to save children in the developing world.

"The touching artwork and simple yet profound message of this book help me to step back from the world of deadlines and responsibilities. To sit once again in the heart; pondering the magic of possibility.  Bring on the Earth Angels, they are needed now." LUCINDA DRAYTON, Spiritual Singer/Songwriter.








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